Monday, February 7, 2005

Little Blog Church Newsletter

guacamole_especial.gifMessage from Reverend Nosh:Yesterday was Super sunday, one of the holiest days in the Little Blog Church of Copious Consumption. On that day we gathered in our homes and sportsbars to prepare and eat ritual foods, featuring the many foods of the Southwestern persuasion that glorify spice, representing the "spice of life". The most revered Super Sunday offering is, of course, the guacamole. As I reminded you last week, flock, we eat only of the Haas variety of avocado as the others are consumed by heathens and are unfit for our tables. The avocado is combined with chopped onion (or onion powder), chopped tomatoes, salt and black pepper. Some denominations of our faith accept chili peppers and cilantro. The latter ingredient is considered unpalatable by certain congregants and may be excluded. Remember, however, that he who would combine sour cream unto his guacamole shall be sent down with the white chocolate eaters and shall never enter the promised land. Finally, my friends, As we bow before the guacamole bowl, we are reminded by the scripture to dip but once lest we contaminate the offering.