Monday, March 31, 2008

A Shameless Plug For a Friend

every man.jpgWhen we lived in LA, our friend David came to live with us for a while. My wife had met David at IU. He was originally from Dayton, Ohio and left there for LA to try and get into show business. I told him I thought that Southern Ohio was an entertainment Mecca and a comedy gold mine. To prove it, my wife and I moved to Cincinnati, leaving David on his own. In some cosmic rebalancing of the universe, we had traded places and I ended up gaining fame and fortune writing short humor pieces for a radio star in Cincinnati. David struggled along writing music for the “Young and the Restless” (for which he won an Emmy) and eventually writing for some sitcoms. Now David has resorted to writing a book. Because I feel sorry for him and somewhat responsible for his plight, living in California, writing and producing sitcoms, I want to help promote his book. Besides, he begged me to do it, knowing that my vast readership of 3 or possibly 5 humans would respond. So go here and check out his book.

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