Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Power of Ten

The periodic cicadas are back. Not everyone gets to enjoy cicadas, they hang out mostly in the Eastern US. Cicadas are like Britney Spears, they emerge from time to time to breed and attract the media and nobody knows what their purpose is on Earth. Cicadas seem to be like God's trial run at producing locusts, as if he just wanted to test a harmless version until he really needed a plague on the scale somewhere between flies and killing the first-born.
The current emergence of cicadas in Cincinnati is not as big a deal as the one 4 years ago. 2004 was the year for Brood X. Their appearance every 17 years spawns bad poetry, nasty recipes and film at 11. Brood X is so popular, they named a Cincinnati university after them. The current brood, Brood XIV, for some reason doesn't get anywhere near the same coverage. I think the problem is the clumsy Roman numerals. Brood XIV is just not as cool and doesn't inspire the samerespect as Brood X. It's the exact problem that Malcolm XIV had. You probably don't even remember him.



susan said...

Did you mean to have the same link twice (1st and 2nd link)?

JohnnyB said...

Nope. Fixed it. Thanks!

Jen said...

I hate cicadas. My cousins used to throw the shells at me before I was old enough to understand that the bugs were no longer in them. Much screaming and running and tears were involved.