Friday, July 4, 2008

Focus on the Funnies

Evangelical Christian leaders are calling for the King Feature Syndicate to cease publication of the semi-popular comic strip, “Hi and Lois” which they say is promoting an anti-Christian, secular view of how the world began. The July 4th cartoon shows Hi telling his children, “Every year Americans try to recreate the birth of our nation …based on the Big Bang Theory.” James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, stated, ”This is a clear repudiation of Christian Faith and the Biblical teaching of Creation. If King Features does not cease publication of the strip, we will call upon all Christians to boycott newspapers that publish the comic.” Pastor John Hagee remarked, "Damn it, you know this means another hurricane."
Cartoonist Dik Browne, who draws the strip said he had no intention of offending anyone and that his joke was about the birth of the United States, not the creation of the universe. Dobson responded, “The United States is a Christian nation and Dik Browne has used us as a metaphor for the Universe and can’t deny that.” Dobson went on to outline how Focus on the Family has long suspected the comic strip of being anti-religion. “What do expect from a man who dropped the ‘c’, which stands for ‘Christian’ from his name? The strip’s name, ‘Hi and Lois’, an obvious play on ‘high and lowest’, represents the struggle between the highest and lowest beings, God and Satan. This is further reflected in Dot and Ditto, the good and evil twins. And Mr. Browne clearly supports the dark side: The older son, Chip, displays unrepentant disrespect for his parents and he promotes Satanist rock and roll music. The most egregious symbol of Godless heathenism is the baby, Trixie, who openly worships the Sun god, which she calls ‘Sunbeam’. King Features, named for Jesus the King, should be ashamed of distributing this vile attempt to brainwash our young people.”
Commenting on the July 4th Big Bang reference in the comic, TV evangelist Pat Robertson remarked solemnly, "I expect that God will smite Hi. Don't be surprised if he and Lois meet a horrible fate in a future strip, probably a Sunday funnies edition."
King Features has not had any comment on Dobson’s remarks. take no position on this controversy. (click there to vote for me)


Bill Brohaugh said...

What Dobson really fears is that the final panel depicts the actual beginning of the universe, with potentially frightening implications if Hi and Lois were actually there to witness it.

Jenny said...

I cannot believe those stupid people.

The Hypocritical One said...

The only problem I have is the comment that Hi and Lois is "semi-popular." More like "barely readable."