Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis

My sister's birthday was yesterday. For the next several months she will be 3 years OLDER than I am. We have no other siblings and, growing up, we were like Lucy and Linus: big sister and little brother with no actual parents around. Our parents were divorced and we lived with Mom, who worked - sometimes at second shift. We were the original latchkey kids, letting ourselves in the house after school and making our own Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - this was BEFORE microwaves and Easy Mac. We had to use a STOVE. We were trailblazers and now there is a statue of us in the Latchkey Kid museum in Hawthorne, California. Sure, over 100% of kids in the LA area are children of But we were kids a loooong time ago. (It's over 100% of children because of the children of remarriages and twice-broken homes).
Sue and I got along and took care of each other most of the time, other than the incident where I bit her in the back and got my mouth washed out with soap and the time she kicked (GASP) me (SOB) in the (GASP) stomach (SOB) and I cried and I got in trouble for being a sissy.
Now we live way too far apart; I'm in Cincinnati and she's in Las Vegas. She lives with cats. Sadly one of her two passed away; but at least that puts a couple cats from crazy lady for now. If you go to Las Vegas, you can find her sitting amongst the slots, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a terrycloth visor, drinking some free wine and slamming her members card into a penny Monopoly machine.
I hope your day was great, Big Sister!

Humor Blogs is like family to me.


susan said...

Thanks! Diva and I spent a quiet evening at home. Diva didn't get me anything - not even a hairball. Nevada gave me a 4% pay increase! BFD called me and we had a nice chat just like the good old days.

Bill Brohaugh said...

I'm just saying . . . you got to do macaroni and cheese as a latchkey? I was stuck with chipped beef boil-in bags to serve over toast, though I'm not sure I was trusted with the toaster, especially after I was in the same room when my younger brother tried to pry off a stubborn appliance plug from the outlet with a butter knife. Man, that was a spark. Little bastard lived. So, chipped beef over Sunbeam slices. Jeez, you California types lived the high life.

I'm just saying . . . I'm damn happy my one and only sibling lived that day, because as I've said many times before, you can have many friends over the years, but you have only a finite number of siblings (as with you, I have just the one). And my brother and I cherish our friendship. (Ironically, his oldest son is something of an electrical savant, which he first demonstrated at about the age my brother tried to short-circuit the neighborhood.)

I'm just saying . . . happy birthday, Susan.

Susan said...

Thanks! I did get pretty lucky in the siblling department. :-)

susan said...

Or 'sibling'. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hit the jackpot with my sibling-in-law!


Debra said...

i love the monopoly penny slots! :)