Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spam, Spam, Eggs, Spam and Watches

I was just looking at my gmail and found that there were 20 new messages in my spam folder. They seem to arrive in groups by topic. One day last week a group of people must have met and agreed my anatomy is inadequate because I got several ENLARGEMENT offers at the same time, all from different senders. One day I got several offers of EQUIPMENT to enhance my sexual experience. Today, my equipment and supply needs must have been determined to be satisfied. I received one offer for "GROUP SEX - hot lesbian slut gets punished by her girlfriend for f-ing another boy". I was confused by the reference to "another" boy. Another in addition to whom? And there doesn't seem to really be a "group" having sex. Am I to infer, by virtue (and I use that term loosely) of having received the email, that I am invited to be the other boy, as part of the group? I don't intend to respond because I don't want the slut to get in further trouble.
The main need they seem to have identified for me this week is watches: REPLICA WATCHes and FAKE ROLEX WATCHes. There are 5 of those offers in the last few hours. Oh, I see I have three spams with the subject "Angelina Jolie Naked" (one of them is from "Kahlil Sue-Elle", whom I believe is from Krypton). I'm not sure I'm interested in Angelina Jolie Naked right after she gave birth to twins. Wait, there's another word there that is not in bold. What it says in full is, "Angelina Jolie Naked - WATCH." Another watch offer? Well, if it's an authentic FAKE ROLEX WATCH, with Angelina Jolie Naked on it, I'll think about it.

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Bill Brohaugh said...

I was almost tempted by the spam message that said "Angelina Jolie doesn't really look like her father, John Voigt, though the dark shadows under his eyes are as big as her lips and her, um other things." But the subject line was too long, so I lost interest.