Sunday, March 8, 2009

Songs For the New Depression

(Title stolen from Bette Midler)

The Dow Jones Is Gonna Fall
(A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall)

What have you done my stockbroking son?
And what did you do with my retirement fund?
I sold mortgage-backed securities without regulation
I crippled the credit of large corporations
I ruined economies of world power nations
I stumbled on the slide of inflated earnings
I pumped up the bubble until it was bursting
And it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow
And it’s the Dow Jones a-gonna fall

And who did you meet, my bank failure son?
And whose coffers increased with big bailout funds?
I met AIG who’d had inadequate reserves
I gave them sev’ral billion that they didn’t deserve
I gave Wall Street massive cash funds with multiple zeroes
I saw them bonus themselves as if they were the heroes
I then criticized poor folks for not paying their mortgage
Though someone else’s greed is why they can’t afford it
And it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow, it’s the Dow
And it’s the Dow Jones a-gonna fall

The Boxter
(The Boxer – Paul Simon)
I am now a poor boy
And my stocks have all dissolved
Someone squandered all my savings
On squat propped up by bullshit
And false promises
All lies and jest
Still a man hears what he wants to hear
And then he does invest

Well I hocked my home
And my SUV
And I sold my little boy
To invest with Bernie Madoff
And some mortgage-backed securities
All uninsured
Now I go
Seeking out the cardboard boxes
Where the homeless people go
Looking for the places
Foreclosed people know


Expecting more years of recession
I’ve been laid off from my job
Now I’ve got no prospects
‘Cause I believed in all those whores
CNBC puts on

I do declare---
Chapter Seven – that means bankruptcy
So creditors beware

Lie la lie ---------

Now I’m looking down at wall street
From my ledge, soon I’ll be gone
Going down
And the New Deal stimulus will
Will not be feeding me, or keeping me
From going down

In the driveway stands a Boxter
And a Porsche by its make
And it serves as a reminder
Of wealth evaporated now
And dividends that dried up
And what put me in this mess
I’d be leaving, I’d be leaving
But the car’s being repossessed
Lie la lie lie lie lie lie----

Lie la lie---


Geoff Stanley said...

catchy...very catchy!

JohnnyB said...

So glad you like them. I am sure you will want to join in this event:
At 9 pm, EDT, all readers of this blog will join in a massive sing-along.
We wil start with "The Dow Jones is Gonna Fall". Where ever you are at that time, just start singing it. Then at 9:05 pm EST, we will sing "The Boxster".
I will be listening for you and Cali, so SING OUT!

Anonymous said...

I love the lines:
"I’d be leaving, I’d be leaving
But the car’s being repossessed"

I'm sorry I missed the sing-a-long: I think I was working on our taxes.

word verification: everpro
always procrastinating on working on the taxes.


JohnnyB said...

You didn't miss the sing-along. It's tonight.

Susan said...

Diva and I will be caterwauling at 6:00 my time.

Verification word: acisesho=broadway production with 90 pound weaklings.

Skye said...

Ya know, I don't know the song by Bette Midler, but I do know the Paul Simon one! As I was reading your lyrics, I couldn't help but actually sing it (in my head at least, I'm not that good a

This is awesome, you did a great job on these, thanks :)

By the way, I found you via Etta Rose's Sunday Silliness. I do love the way she incorporates peoples blogs into posts!


JohnnyB said...

Skye - thanks for reading and thanks to Etta Rose for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cali said...

Love Paul Simon.