Thursday, June 25, 2009

South Carolina Leadership on Hold

Last night “Dr. Strangelove” was on TMC. The premise is that a rogue general sends bombers to destroy the USSR and hilarity ensues. It came out in 1964, as did the very similarly premised “Fail Safe", which disappoints, as it fails to find the comedic angle on the nuclear bombing of Moscow and New York.

Thinking about these movies and the fun we had under the constant fear of nuclear war with Russia, and also watching the news yesterday, I became nostalgic about a couple books I read back when the world was young and the war was cold.

One was “Vanished” about some Presidential advisor who vanished and got everyone’s shorts in a wad until it turned out he was off solving the Cold War (if I remember correctly). (Oh my god, looking at the cover just stimulated the memory of my teenage response to the hot sex going on in the story - but I cared only for the political intrigue. Right.)

There was also “The President’s Plane is Missing”, by Rod Serling’s brother, in which the President disappeared and got everyone’s shorts in a wad until it turned out he was off solving the Cold War (if I remember correctly).

With these memories in my head, I had high hopes for a n intriguing revelation about where South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was for the past week. But, no, he had not gotten Korea to stop their nuclear program nor overturned Iran’s fraudulent election. He was just off violating his marriage vows with some hot tamale, the way so many other ordinary American dads spent their Fathers Day.

He stood up there and did the obligatory confession/apology; however, he did not force his wife to join him. Why? Because the confession/apology with the loyal wife on the side has become a cliché.
Cliché: noun
3. anything that has become trite or commonplace through overuse.
Scandal laden politicians, caught doing the evil deeds they have previously denounced, have become so redundant they have to change up the obligatory public expiation just to hold audience interest.

Mark Sanford’s tale did have some appealing aspects: the fact that he was missing for a week, the story about hiking miles on the Appalachian Trail turning into a story about humping Maria, some Argentinan tail and the obvious jokes about crying for that country.

I was moved enough by all that to try and call Sanford and ask him how he got himself into this. This is all I got:
You have reached the office of the Governor of South Carolina. Your call is very important to us. But not to the Governor, just like he doesn’t care about his job or family. He’s off God knows where. Please hold and listen to our musak.
I cried to leave Argentina
I broke my promise
Can't keep my mistress.
You have reached the office of the Governor of South Carolina. The Governor can’t come to the phone right now, he’s on another woman. Please hold and listen to our lovely muzak.
I've just nailed a girl named Maria,
And suddenly the name
Of my wife escapes my brain
Who's she?

You have reached the office of the Governor of South Carolina. Your call will be answered in the order in which you were deceived. Please dangle on the line we are feeding you and listen to our musak.
How do you get your freak on with Maria?
How do you slink away to party down?
How do you get it up to do Maria
While screwing your job and family back in town?

Marriage and fam’ly you told us should be sacred
Clinton lied and you took a moral stand
How do you go get laid
And piss on your Fathers Day
How can your moral compass be your gland?
I miss the cold war.


Chris@Maugeritaville said...

Politicians having affairs? My God, what is this world coming to? And what kind of two-bit skank takes pride in bedding the Governor of SOUTH FREAKING CAROLINA?! New York, sure, but SOUTH CAROLINA?

JohnnyB said...

he was a rising star in the Republican party, expected to run for President - Maria probably thought she was laying the foundation for the big time scandal

David said...

Nicely done


JohnnyB said...

Thanks, David.

Cali said...

That is so sad. I'm sad for him and his family.

And that Michael Jackson passed. That is sad too.

JohnnyB said...

I'm sad for his family, especially his kids. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure they don't read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. Hilarious! Also very sad for those kids: Not only do they have an asshole for a dad, but now I find out they can't read.


Cali said...

Yes, sorry I meant the situation is sad, not your post. Loved the post! :)

ettarose said...

How do you think he feels about his constituents? I think he likes them, it's something else he can screw. Good article.

Susan said...

I was going to comment but then I got flumoxed by my SIL using the a-hole word! I'm still in shock.

JohnnyB said...

too much cable tv has had a bad influence on her. And she thinks that, somehow, when you read it, the bad words will be bleeped out.