Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do You Follow Me?

Michael Vick cleared to play in week 3 :: Dow Jones jumps over 60 points.
Is that twitter worthy? I don't know.

I got an email from twitter a couple weeks ago notifying me that I was now activated on twitter. Only it wasn't me, it was someone with a similar name and, I'm guessing, a similar email address. I never wanted a twitter account.

Now that Disney owns Marvel, will Spiderman save Pooh from the heffalumps? twitter worthy?

I went onto "my" new twitter account and told customer service about their error. I even changed "my" password so I could log in to do that. I got an email saying that they are a frees service and don't have enough resources to deal with problems. They asked if my problem was really important. They wanted to know if I could just delete their email response and forget the whole thing.

I learned that twitter customer service is more of a theory than a tangible item. Is that worth tweeting?

Ultimately I changed "my" email address on "my" twitter account and then signed up my real self with a new twitter account with my email.

So now I'm on twitter. You can follow me at, I mean, if you want. But why would you? I can tweet my blog entries or I might have amusing thoughts that I can't wait to impart to you.

The problem I have with twitter is the name "twitter", the function "tweets" and the cute bubble=letter fonts, the pastel colors and the stars and clouds. twitter looks like a Polly Pocket accessory. Now that's probably to long for a tweet.

I realized that twitter might be useful at work. But the things I would tweet related to a humor blog are different from I would do for business. So I opened another twitter account.

So I've gone from having one unwelcome twitter account to having two by choice.

What can I say ... er, tweet?

PS - whaling picture is from here


Susan said...

How do you use twitter for work?

Susan said...

You could tweet on the other person account to tell the people that follow him that they should tell JKB to email you at your email if he'd like to have you set the email on his account back to his own email.

JohnnyB said...

I'm not sure about twitter at work - but people there have been using it - I guess it's more of a PR/marketing tool which really wouldn't involve me, but, hey, it's free and what CFO wouldn't like free stuff?
Good idea about email the other guy's followers.