Monday, January 25, 2010

Damn Favre

The play, Damn Favre, opens with a scene in 1977 St. Cloud, Minnesota, when the Vikings lose their 4th Super Bowl out of 4 tries. An aging Brett Favre mutters that he would sell his soul to the devil for one Super Bowl victory for the Vikings before he dies. As soon as the words come out of his mouth, he is greeted by Satan himself, who claims he can make Brett’s wish come true. The Devil agrees to give Joe until the last quarter of the NFC championship in January, 2010.

Satan gives Brett a circuitous route to his goal, making him a young high school phenom from Kiln, Mississippi. Brett considers dropping out of the deal but Satan summons his seductive right-hand girl from hell, Deana. Once the ugliest woman in 18th-century Kiln, Lola sold her soul to the Devil for eternal youth and beauty.

Favre becomes a Green Bay Packer and a hero to many except the Vikings. Beginning to doubt that he will ever lead his beloved Minnesota team to victory, Favre tries to retire but is tricked into staying in the game by piles and piles and piles of cash.

Finally at age 40, Brett Favre joins the Minnesota Vikings and takes them to the playoffs. Brett’s regrets are long gone as he realizes his deal allowed his aged body to hold up through a grueling season. But he should know that the Devil never allows anyone to succeed. In an attempt to cheat Favre, Satan starts a rumor that Brett threw three potential championships while in Green bay, in 2003, 2004 and 2008, by forcing bad throws. Brett vows to clear his name.

The Devil believes he can keep Brett in the game and cause the Vikings to lose at the same time, creating excitement and controversy which will kill several Viking fans who will end up in his dominion.

The time limit on the deal expires and Brett Favre becomes every bit of his 40 years and throws a game losing interception that not only kills his dream it also secures several new souls of New Orleans fans who made deals to get their team in a Super Bowl after 40 years of frustration. “See how I set this all in motion 40 years ago,” he gloats to Deana. “Favre should have known a guy in league with me couldn’t beat the ’Saints’. I learned a lot from that whole ‘Damn Yankees’ debacle 50 years ago!”