Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck and the Secret Codes of the Social Justice League

Christians are lashing back at Glenn Beck over his radio and TV broadcasts in which he begged his listeners to leave churches which are in favor of social or economic justice. Some of the renegade Christians dispute the fact that “social justice” and “economic justice” are code words for Communism and Nazism as Beck so eloquently explained.

Such criticism just rolls off Mr. Beck like poop through a goose. “Social justice is just one of the phrases to watch out for,” Beck might have said. “If you check out your government’s Constitution or Declaration of Independence and find the words ‘liberty’ or ‘equality’ you need to leave that country. Why? Look at this. This is a banner that reads ‘Liberte – Egalite – Fraternite’. Now I have done some reaserch and I found out that that these words actually mean ‘Liberty, equality and brotherhood.” Now, we all know who the brothers are and why Obama would support that,” Beck never commented.

"But,” he didn’t continue, “here’s the really scary part. Here’s what ought to make you run screaming from any country whose government uses these words. Down here at the bottom of the banner, it says ‘Republique Francaise’. It turns out that that is code for the Republic of France. So, let me diagram this for you on the blackboard. ‘Liberty, equality and brotherhood’ is the motto of the Republic of France. Any government who uses those words is using code for Francism and they are Europeanists!”

Beck might have begun to weep at this point as he said, “Some churches have said that social justice is not a Communist Facist secret password. These are the same churches who fill their web sites with talk about a fellow named Hay-zoos. Hay-zoos is a Mexican name. If your church is using his name they are supporting illegal immigrants. Get away from there. Go to the Pope and tell him you don’t want foreigners in your religion.”

“I’m being signaled that I need to go to commercial. When we come back I’ll explain how my bosses’ talk about my ‘commitment’ is not a code word for having me put away.”

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