Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lo And Behold

I want to admit something that I am so terribly ashamed of but ... I don't know if I can say this ... I didn't even realize this until today ... I have wasted so many years ... so many years ...I discovered it by accident today ... for someone of my generation it's awful ... maybe I should just keep it to myself ... but I want to share it.

Okay, here it is: I never listened to "The Basement Tapes", the album of songs recorded by Bob Dylan and The Band in 1967 and released in 1975. Seriously, never. I never bought the album back then - but I got it on my iPod thanks to a friend who shared a couple thousand sons with me a few years ago. And still I never listened.

It's not like I was listening to bad music back in '75. I didn't buy Captain and Tenille or Elton John's Brown Dirt Cowboy album. I bought Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" and the various albums Neil Young put out and Patti Smith and Jackson Browne and the Eagles - okay, in retrospect, "One of These Nights" isn't a classic, but my point is I wasn't a bad judge of music.

I put my iPod on shuffle all songs today and up came "Odds and Ends". I looked at the album name ... I selected the album and played the whole thing. Then played it again.

The Basement Tapes is one of my favorite all-time albums ... now. But I have wasted over 35 years that I could have been listening to this.

So I'm going to open another beer and listen to it again and start to catch up. Maybe later tonight I'll watch "The Last Waltz" again. (Look it up: greatest concert film of ALL time - directed by Martin Scorsese).

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Suzan said...

I can't believe you've wasted your life either.

ha ha

At least you had "Blood on the Tracks" and I'm hoping maybe "Music from Big Pink" for solace?

Nice to read your comment.

It's been a long time since I've heard anyone talk about how great the Basement Tapes are.

And "The Last Waltz."