Thursday, April 8, 2004

The Wonderbob

There is a new coommercial for Victoria's Secret, featuring a model clad in VS's products while Bob Dylan's song "Love Sick" plays in the background. The creepy part is that Bob Dylan's face, looking like a homeless stalker, floats into the picture. I don't understand how that sells underwear. I guess that is Victoria's secret.

The commercial is controversial among Dylan fans because he apparently swore he would never use his art for selling products.

I had a talk with Bob about this and here's what he said:

Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam
And sit by the TV inside of your home
See underwear models who’re just skin and bones
And I gave the authorization
To put in my face and one of my songs
For their lingerie they were changin’

Come writers and critics who say I’ve sold out
You make fun of me and you scream and you shout,
“Bob Dylan and bras? What’s that all about?”
You say my credibility’s fadin’
But you’d do the same, about that I’ve no doubt
For their lingerie they were changin’

Victoria’s Secret gave me a call
And I met all the models so slim and so tall
Young women there wearing those garments so small
Who knows what I signed, ask my agent
I never took my eyes off those women at all
For their lingerie they were changin’

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
And don’t try to tell me you don’t understand
Your sons have the catalog in one of their hands
Their hormones are actively ragin’
These commercials get TIVO’d by every young man
And their underwear they are changin’

“The line has been drawn, in stone it is cast
I won’t sell out my music, so nobody ask”
That’s what I once said, but those days are past
You can see that I’m rapidly agin’
And my principles now aren’t so hard and so fast
For their lingerie they were changin’

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