Thursday, May 8, 2008

Take This Job

MagElitist.jpgFor a long time Republicans have tagged Democrats with the liberal label like Salem religous zealots calling out witches. Being laneled as a liberal means one is so evil, so vile as to actual care about people and be tolerant of diversity. But what can one Democrat label another in order to tag him as "not like us"? "Elitist". An elistist is someone horrifyingly knowledgeable or educated in a wealthier-than-thou manner. Closet educated and wealthy person, Hillary Clinton favors a gas tax "holiday". Her husband's former toady, Geoirge Snuffleupagus challenged her, asking, "can you name an economist who thinks this makes sense?", she replied, "I'm not going to put my lot in with economists" because they went to Ivy league schools, made a lot of money and they know stuff. They are elitists like Obama who rightly thinks people are bitter but makes the mistake of saying it out loud.
In other news, men are suffering more from the supposed recession than women. Barack Obama is so elitist that he owns his own elitist economist, Austan Goolsbee, who said: "Because the unemployed are disproportionately men, they may especially benefit from Obama's program to get us out of recession." I don't know exactly what he means by that except that a guy named Barack Obama ought to surround him self with people named something more ordinary than Austan Goolsby.
What offends me about the elist label is that it is an attempt to carve out and villanize a class of people simply because they had the misfortune to graduate from college or perhaps be afflicted with even more advanced degrees. They are not real people like the "working men and women" of this great country. True, their work is simple: what does a CEO or CFO of a company really need ever do? And people in academic ivory towers, researching diseases or researching econmic solutions to hunger and poverty, come on, that's not real work.
So get yourself a real job, and comfort yourself with your church, your guns and your fear of different people, especially elitists. If your not sure, the easy way to identify the worthless elitist is that they go by three letter designations, PhD, CFO, CEO, esq. SOB and like that.

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