Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, a "White" Guy Was co-author of "Elements of Style"

"Without a doubt, the rule system that white people love the most is grammar." That's pretty much the only rule system this maverick white boy likes. As you read the article, it seems that the author has taken a mocking tone, as if obsession with grammar rules was somehow strange. Does not everyone experience a knife-in-the-gut feeling when someone says "He gave it to Timmy and I." That gives I major indigestion! And, yes, "if (I) were to catch a mistake in The New Yorker, it would be a sufficient reason for a large party."
But grammar hawking can save your life.


Beth said...

Ha! Your title made me snort Diet Sprite up my nose. :)

Isn't it great to feel validated for caring about grammar? "No, honestly, I'm just doing it for my health..."

JohnnyB said...

Thanks. I'm glad I could provide a laugh and scour your sinuses all at the same time.