Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'll Get You My Pretty

sweetie.gifWXYZ-TV's Peggy Agar shouted a question to the Democratic presidential candidate during his appearance at a Chrysler LLC plant in this auto-making suburb of Detroit.
Agar asked Obama what is he "going to do to help American autoworkers."
"Hold on one second, sweetie," Obama replied. "We'll do a press (availability), thanks." He did not reply to Agar's question.
This upset some people. “Sure”, you say, “Obama evaded the question and did not present any substantive plan.”
No, honey, we are upset that Obama called this woman “Sweetie”. This is the story: “Obama says he's sorry for ‘sweetie’ comment”, remarking that she was not actually sweet, but , in fact, rather acerbic.
At this link over here, darlin’, you can vote on whether you find it offensive.
I am sure that during the Kentucky primary coverage MSNBC cutie, Kelly O’Donnell, will show the breakdown of voters who didn’t care about the remark and those who were offended and what % voted for Hillary or Barack.
The biased media who fail to give McCain grief for his fanatic religious pals, also never criticize him for starting every comment with “My friends”, which implies a level of intimacy I am not comfortable with.
I suppose that Barack’s referring to women other than his wife or daughters as “sweetie’ is inappropriate. It may hurt him in the election. After all, look at how little support Ron Paul has because he refers to the Constitution as “precious”.

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