Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He's Got the Hole World In His Hands

Iowa has corn, Cincinnati has cornhole. The cornhole is big around here, which is why the MOVIE centers around a national championship tournament held in Cincinnati. This movie is sure to be every bit as good as Dodgeball or The Waterboy. The website is a treasure trove of grammar errors, which may be intentional to make it look trashy. There is the one-line summary: "'Cornhole: The Movie' follows four teams as they make there way to the National Cornhole Championship in Cincinnati, Ohio.", this line in the psuedo history: "the Kipling’s would parish of starvation that very winter." and a few tortured sentence constructions you can find for yourself.
My neighbor, the one with the kegerator, has a cornhole set (two boards and the corn bags) and I have spent a few pleasant, humid, mosquito-infested evenings tossing sacks with him and our other neighbors. We live in Blue Ash, just North and East of Cincinnati, but, sometimes when the bags are flying and the beer is flowing, you might think you were lost on the West Side.

cornhole = her colon
Cornhole the Movie = cheer hot moon evil


Jenny said...

I've never even heard of cornholing or the cornhole movie. It does, however, promise to be a classic!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your old posts again! It's like looking back ing our scrapbook albums...if only they were put together.