Thursday, July 24, 2008

And Mitt Romney is Her Dad, I Bet

UPDATED - see below
Yesterday’s post has a comment from a young woman named Cali. She implored me not to read her blog, so, naturally, I did. Cali is married to Geoff and they live in Orem, Utah, far away from where I live, so I’ve decided stalking them would be awkward and I’m not going to do it, for now. Since I haven’t done the stalking research, I am going to go ahead and assume, because they live in Utah and I need to stereotype them for purposes of this blog, that they are Mormons, which presents a problem for me.
I already have a reader who is an ordained minister. When I mock religious wingnuts or write about God and Jeez, I always worry: WWJT, What Will Jenny Think? Now I have the added burden of worrying about the Mormons. I hope I haven’t written any rude things about Mormons in the past, like comparing them to Scientologists or lawyers or something. Cali, if it helps, one of my best friends from college is a Mormon, so, you know, I’m okay with it.
On second thought, I don’t know why I’m worried. I do wonder what Jenny thinks about my evangelist bashing or irreverent discussions with God, but it doesn’t stop me from writing them. Heck - no, not “Heck” – Hell, (be bold!) I worry that my conservative, right-wing, Republican, straight, white, American father must get madder than a wet Ted Stevens when I bash Bush or write pro-Obama prose like some left-winging, peace-loving, pro-choicing, bare-footing, lazy-ass hippie, but it never actually stops me. Trying to make someone laugh is more important than trying to coddle his or her overly-sensitive, whiney-butt feelings.
So I’m not going to worry about the Mormons, but I am curious. Cali seems like a nice young woman who loves her husband and family and has a very nice life in Orem, Utah. How did she stumble into this dive? Furthermore, what possessed her to actually link to it on her blog? I’m thinking maybe she and Geoff found it while on a mission and they are displaying it on her blog in order to say to the world, “Look! This - this “Late for the Sky” is proof of what happens to you when you drink coffee and beer, you have only one wife and you don’t go to church! Read it. Read it, and then wash your hands and pray that you shall not become like this.”

UPDATE - It seems that Cali was referred to my blog by Geoff. This is his blog. Okay, so Cali does not see my blog as a morality lesson, it is something to distract the children with if they happen to accidently open panchobizzaro's blahg. But how did Geoff find this place?

All my wives drink scotch and read and vote for my entries.


Susan said...

I have no studies to back me up but I have to say I think the mormans I've known have generally been much more tolerant of my heathan ways than evangelicals I have known. Or at least they are more subtle about trying to convert me. Well, except for that time that Marti McBride sent the missionaries to my door.

Cali said...

HA ha, that is hilarious. I posted back.

Yeah. I can't figure out how to turn that into a link.