Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Know I Wish That I Had Jesse's Gall

Jesse Jackson, in one of the rare moments that he was not seeking attention, remarked that he wants to remove Barack Obama's testicles because Barack is "talking down to black people." Jackson later apologised, saying he did not know that a nearby mic was "hot" and that his remarks could be overheard. "Had I known, I would have made some disingenuous remarks and hidden my true feelings as I always do when speaking publicly," Jackson insisted. Okay, that last quote was made up and I apologize to Reverend Jackson. I didn't know my computer was connected to the internet.
Jackson is the guy who called New York "Hymie Town" and then tried to tell us he doesn't actually believe the things he says. Jesse tells us, "I am...somebody. Sometimes...I'm nutty."
"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it but if it'll peeve you, I'll try to deceive you"
Fox news, being run by old white guys, totally lost the spirit of Jackson's "Nutty" remarks yesterday in their version of what he said. The actual quote, in Jackson inimitable style was:
"Obama's speeches are high and mighty
that black man speaks too much like a whitey
His appearances outshine my embarrassing spectacles
I might have to cut him, and remove his testicles."

Yeah, I made that up, and I apologize, I didn't realize you could read.
If you have a better interpretation of what Jesse might have said, leave it in the comments. I will select the best one. The winner gets Obama's testicles.

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Anonymous said...

The made up Jackson verse is frikkin' brilliant.

Well done.

Susan said...

Humor blogs says "Uh oh. Something went wrong. It doesn't look like this blog is providing a valid rss feed, so we weren't able to grab any new posts. If this is your blog, you should check your site settings to make sure you've entered a valid rss feed url. "

Susan said...

Even better if you had his stones!