Friday, August 1, 2008

Blubber, Mukluks, Gazebo!

I received this email from a poetic spammer:

roost creep appanage? dye, tonsil repetition.
fleming canticle joy fleming nave inclement, abacus
remark herpetology otherwise f umber.
baghdad firehouse baghdad
guildhall galatia galatia? boletus, galatia roost.
armature herpetology nave clothe galatia describe, italic
sidestep guanine alphabetic inclement turnabout.
spoon colonial herpetology
turnabout inclement baghdad? fleming, joy italic.
creep fecund.

All I can say is "Bulbous bouffant, macademia".

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Susan said...

Reminds me of one of my favorite word songs .

Bill Brohaugh said...

I've been considering doing a side blog that simply recaps the subject lines of spam probes, and the trends they follow. For a time it was, of course, the promise of pictures of beautiful women naked, but then they began branching out to insults ("You look really stupid, [NameInEmailAddress]," and outrageous headlines ("Osama Bin Laden Sells Beard to Professional Pillow Crochet Society of Southeastern Nova Scotia") and then obviously mock-personalized ones ("Bill, get off the computer and come to dinner, asshole"--which was kinda odd because my wife had said something similar to me just minutes before). But when I discovered that I wasn't the only one receiving the emails (a couple of hundred people receive them, I hear), it didn't seem like such an informative twist.

I wonder why so many people showed up to dinner that night, though.