Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

Some years ago I realized that I could either write and perform comedy well or I could do accounting and finance well. I could not do both well - and, as I am sure you realize, that was the option I chose.
You only have to suffer the bad writing (like some long over-wrought, West Side Story/Brett Farve saga parody that few would want to slog through)you don't get to see the accounting.
Recently, though, I've been somewhat immersed in that part of my life, trying to maintain the delusion of my employer that I know what I'm doing.
So I have not been able to craft the hilarious bit about the Bengals rehiring Chris Henry (see "Legal Troubles"), not that anyone outside Cincinnati cares about that. And everyone inside Cincinnati is currently poised over the the PortiaLynn Commode, coughing up the last of their vain hopes that the Blue Fairy will ever turn Mike Brown into a real, live football owner; so they won't read this either.
Nevertheless, I will share my imaginary conversation between Coach Marvin Lewis who said that the Bengals have no use for Chris Henry and Mike Brown who is "The Redeemer".
Coach: Henry was arrested for assault.
Brown: He was cleared.
Coach: Only because it was a hung jury.
Brown: Chris didn't hang them, it was someone else. He just happened to be in the room.
And that witty observation could have been part of a very funny bit, if I had time.


Anonymous said...

1. I wish you had the time.
2. Mike Brown is crazy.


Bill Brohaugh said...

What's the point of confusion. Mike Brown's mantra all along has been "It's OK to be a loser."