Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't Wanna Discuss It

These were the "Other Stories of
Interest" on MSNBC the other day:
Why Edwards' campaign gave his mistress $14,000
Russia warns Poland over U.S. deal
Cubs top Braves despite Kotsay's cycle
Boyfriend gets 2 years in prison for killing cat
Analysis: War shows Putin still in charge - Exodus
Too young? Preteen girls get bikini waxes - Discuss
Jackson Browne sues McCain over song use - Pitfalls
Noisy sex gets man banned from home
Which of these did I find the most disturbing?
"Analysis: War shows Putin still in charge" has the entire story contained in the headline. It is mildly disturbing because it doesn't even merit the label "analysis"; it's more along the lines of "stating the bleeding obvious".
The story of the cat being killed by its boyfriend is disturbing but, once gays were allowed to marry, we had to expect that was the next step down the slippery slope.
The Cubs beating the Braves despite one of the players having "a visit from Aunt Flo" and the noisy sex man ban (who banned him? his partner? his cat?) both made me curious, though not enough to read the stories.
Jackson Browne suing John McCain over using one of songs worries me (see title of this blog). Bill even alerted me to this. It was the only headline I clicked on to read more about.
In the end, though, the most disturbing headline is "Too young? Preteen girls get bikini waxes - Discuss" Discuss? Gross. What sort of perverted chat site would that link me to? Still, what really disturbed me was the concept of "preteen" girls getting bikini waxed. Doesn't "preteen" sort of suggest that there is nothing there to wax? I don't want to discuss it.

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Rickey Henderson said...

Jackson Browne should be thanking McCain for making him mildly relevant again. Rickey hates hates hates Jackson Browne.

JohnnyB said...

I'm sure Rickey is a connoisseur of good music. JohnnyB, however, is still a fan of late 70's Jackson Browne. I don't think even McCain makes him relevant again, but I still like Late for the Sky (unless he sues me).