Monday, August 4, 2008

Short Takes

Morgan Freeman injured in car accident. No word on Miss Daisy's condition.

Airlines are charging for baggage, for meals, for headphones and now Jet Blue will charge for a pillow and blanket "kit". Delta Airlines has announced they will begin charging extra for a silent seat companion. Southwest Airlines has withdrawn plans to collect a cover charge when their flight attendants deliver those popular comedic announcements, but they will be asking you to "tip your servers" and "try the cheap-ass cheese and cracker meal." On Continental, in the event of a drop in air pressure, oxygen masks will decend from overhead, if you have paid the deposit.

"Concerned that South Los Angeles residents do not have adequate access to healthy food choices, a Los Angeles City Council committee Tuesday unanimously called for a ban on opening fast-food restaurants in the area." Owners of Spago, L'Orangerie and Georgio Baldi are rejoicing. "Finally we can put some franchises in South Central LA. Up until now Mickey D's always had the jump on us. I'm pleased to see City Council finally give us a shot to play in the poverty market."

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The Hypocritical One said...

I recently flew JetBlue, and their "Stewardess presentation" where they show you the seatbelts and crap had a joke.

Bill Brohaugh said...

Says Portia Lynn Commode, "That's the end of the story I like to call . . . 'Bed, Bath and the Wild Blue Beyonder.'"