Thursday, September 4, 2008

News Clips

The other night at the Republican convention they played a video tribute to Ronald Reagan. It started with a summary of his humble, working class beginnings. Then the narrator intoned, "Ronald Reagan never forgot who he was....until somewhere around the beginning of his second term." Well, maybe I made up the second part of that quote.

Meanwhile in Cincinnati, public school children are being assaulted by the rich, arugula-eating, golf elite. I found this quote interesting.
So far no children have been hit by errant golf balls, although some have flown over the playground and a few cars have been hit.
Flying children would seem to be more noteworthy than flying golf balls, but that's just my opinion. The children have been advised not to handle other people's balls. Finally, who is maintaining that playground?

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Susan said...

Darn flying kids!