Friday, September 26, 2008

Shades of Things to Come


COURIC: Vice President Palin, now that you’ve been in office for awhile, do you think that people were justified in criticizing your level of experience back when you were chosen to run?

PALIN: Well, yah, I surely do. I mean I have so much experience now. Ya know, I can look out from here, from places in DC, and see America – did ya know that the Washington DC is not a state? Yah, it’s like a maverick, like me. Anyway, I can see the states from here, so I have a pretty good experience dealin’ with it.

COURIC: O…kay… I’m asking if you think you were experienced enough at the time you started. Have the demands of the job surprised you …say, in the way DC not being a state did?

PALIN: Yah, that’s what I’m sayin’, I have a lot of experience now. So people were really unfair to John McCain for, ya know, um, making fun of his, uh, whatever… choicage of me… aw, reporters, ya know?

COURIC: Yes. Now, the first year of your term was a bit rough…

PALIN: Oh I can handle tough times, ya know. I’m a hockey mom. That little financial meltdown was difficult, but not as hard as say, child labor, when I gave birth to my little boy, Mock, here.

COURIC: However, your decision to issue guns to everyone didn’t work out so well.

PALIN: Sure, well who know people in cities would go around shooting each other instead of hunting? Ya know, people in Wasilla, where I come from, aren’t like that. We subsist on what we kill. I figured that would solve people’s money problems.

COURIC: Well, there’s not a lot of moose in New York City.

PALIN: Ya, but there’s rats. Don’t forget, I was in New York City once. I saw the rats from my window, so I know a little bit about them, missy.

COURIC: Let’s change the subject. You and President McCain are preparing to run again…

PALIN: Oh, hold on there. Don’t go putting plans in my mouth. Ya know, this John McCain has been around Washington a long time. He’s part of the problems we inherited, here, for sure he is. I have built my career on being a maverick and going against my own party and throwing the old boys out…

COURIC: Once they are no longer of use to you..

PALIN: What’s that, missy? Hey, I’m cooperating with you here. I don’t have to talk to you every three years like I been doin’, ya know. In fact, you call me again and I’ll refuse to testify. I don’t have to take this…I’m a maverick…



Susan said...

Funny. Though 3 years from now Katie might be talking to President Palin! :-)

Anonymous said...

That's NOT so funny! <:-(
(but your interview was, John.)


Bill Brohaugh said...

Oh my god! Putin is personally in a plane buzzing the Vice Valley Girl's house!