Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missing You

The past week for me was consumed by preparing for and attending an off-site management advance ("we never retreat!") doing strategic planning for our coming year at (company I work for).

Things it is too late to blog about:
The first struggle to get the candidates for President to give direct answers to a moderator's direct questions.
Paul Newman's Own death.
The bi-partisan, bi-polar Congressional bailout that the Congress bailed out of. (Of course there is time for me to respond to their response to their first response.)
The season premier of "Desperate Housewives", which jumped forward 5 years from last season's story lines and 6 years from when they jumped the shark.
Rosh Hashana. Yes, they scheduled this company strategy meeting over a major Jewish holiday. Hey, who knew it was Tishri already? I wished them all Happy New Year and they promised to atone for this error.

What I can still comment on is tonight's Vice-Presidential debate.
The New York times has presented questions they would like the candidates to answer.
Here are my questions for Senator Biden and Governor Palin:
1) Hey. What's up?
2) If Barack Obama is elected President, will the House and Senate become predominantly occupied by black people as whites flee to the suburbs? As a follow up, what do you think the effect would be on the resale value of the White House?
3) Governor Palin, if you are elected, will you move to have hunting allowed around the perimeter of the Vice President's house so that you can feed your family?
Senator Biden, would you move to allow it in order to pander to the NRA?
4) Do you think "Dancing With the Stars" really sucks this year?
5) Governor Palin: boxers or briefs?
6) Senator Biden, could you give us one of your insanely unfortunate, off-the-cuff responses so that we can at least get a good YouTube video out of this program?

L'shanah tovah!