Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swinging On a Star

I think it is disgraceful for a Presidential candidate to make a comment about "putting lipstick on a pig" that indirectly alludes to a female opponent. It is sexist and crude.

A pig is an animal with pork on her plate
She grabs all she can for her home state
Her resume's a twisted tale that is untrue
Her policies are Bush hog slop she says are new
It's trying to hide a bald spot with a wig
Or putting lipstick on a pig

But would you like to end a bad war
Restore our respect near and far
And be better of than you are
Then vote Obama, the rock star


David said...

Considering that Sen. Obama had not mentioned anything about Gov Palin in the entire speech and considering he used a cliché that has been used by Sen. McCain several times this year himself, it is rather disingenuous to criticize only one presidential candidate instead of criticizing both for cliché use.

And after all, Gov Palin herself was the one who started comparing herself to animals wearing lipstick. Now where is the disgrace? I think on the shoulders of you and others who are trying to create nonsense out of a cliché.

JohnnyB said...

Wait, David, did you click on the link? I was referring to Senator McCain's comment about Hillary's policies. My remark is a bit of irony. But thanks for playin'

David said...

Duh - sorry.

I've been so annoyed with the mock horror on the news from the McCain camp that I reacted too quickly.