Sunday, October 19, 2008

If You Show Me a Sign, I'll Be Willin'

The election is coming up soon, so I need to decide who I'm voting for. I don't just pick willy-nilly, I do research. I go out and look at yard signs. Yard signs are the most important and, to me, the most influential element of our political process. Oh, I get a lot from buttons and bumper stickers, but yard signs are bigger, so I put more stock in them.
As I walked around past the lake, I saw a large number of "Obama Biden" signs. By the time I reached the point where I turn back toward home, I was convinced; Obama is the one for me. But then, on the way back, I started seeing the "McCain Palin" signs and noticed that they have a nice, clean font. I was really starting to lean that way when suddenly I saw the yard sign that made up my mind for good:

"Sibcy Cline - For Sale". Finally honest politicians who admit what they really are about. Not like that Barack Obama. Regarding Bill Ayers, I have heard Barack Obama explain that he has condemned the things that Ayers did as part of the Weather Underground. I have heard Obama explain that he merely served on a board with Ayers, along with prominent Republicans. However, John McCain keeps saying that "we need to have Obama fully explain the full extent of his relationship with Ayers. So, no matter what detail Obama has given, there must be something more - perhaps Obama and Ayers are secretly married and Michelle is just a front. I don't know.
And I don't know what party Sibcy and Cline belong to, but it doesn't matter. They fully disclose that they are for sale - give them enough money and they will vote your way - no pesky party platform to tie them down.
This November, I'm voting Sibcy Cline.

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Jenny said...

:) I am staying with a friend in Princeton and they have so many Obama signs on their house that people stop in asking for signs and buttons, thinking that they are the Democratic headquarters (no joke!). What they've done in response is order boatloads of buttons and lawn signs so that they have something to give people when they come by.