Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby You Can Drive iCar

While lawmakers in the ancient, outdated Washington DC Capitol building struggle to save the prehistoric, monolith that is the auto industry, innovators in Apple’s virtual technology world are creating cars that will save the Earth and make the Big 3, and even their foreign competition, obsolete.
Next month Steve Jobs will unveil the iCar, a virtual transportation device that carries people via the internet to any destinations they choose. An iCar owner can get up in the morning and direct her iCar to the nearest iJava shop for a morning pick-me-up and then zoom off to her tele-commuter job. After work, she can make a quick stop at iTunes to pick up some new music and then drop by eBay or any on-line iCatalog store to shop. Then she can visit the iGrocery and get some iFood for dinner or just hit the iHop for a restaurant meal.
Each trip in the iCar costs only 99 cents or a whole package of regular daily travel can be purchased for $9.99, regardless of the virtual distance to be traveled. The iCar also functions as an mp3 player, a GPS device, and a phone. Within months of rolling out the first version of the iCar, Apple will add features making the device a iMac laptop computer. Initially consumers will have to buy the iMac separately to make the iCar work. Jobs hopes to eventually develop an iFlight function that will allow iCar users to travel overseas.
So while GM, Ford and Chrysler are virtually bankrupt, their executives seem unaware or uninterested in the virtual reality of iCars. Congress also should be aware of plans for the iCongress already being visualized that will enable citizens to download their own personally selected laws for just 99 cents per act of Congress. Each of us will then live in our own virtual world that we create in the isolation of our own iHome.


scarletvirago said...

Driving in the cluster-f*&# that is Washington D.C. traffic for the past 3.5 years, this idea REALLY APPEALS TO ME.

JohnnyB said...

As soon as iCongress gets going and the old brick and mortar Congress is disposed of, the traffic should clear up in DC. But the internet traffic might bring your iCar to a standstill.