Thursday, January 1, 2009

You Gotta Have Friends - For Reals

Blogs I linked to last year (the links are over there --->, not in this post):

Unfinished Rambler - a man of many identities who is one of several funny bloggers on Rambler somehow keeps up with a hundred blogs - many of whom I also enjoy, but have trouble keeping up.

PurpAnd - I am somehow related to Andy through a mere two degrees of separation. He includes the details of that relationship in his year-end review. It has been interesting to read about his personal journey in his blog through this year. Plus you get cat pictures.

The Stanleys - I started reading Cali's blog because she linked to mine. Cali writes about various things in her life - even controversy about Prop 8 in Cali-fornia. If you read her blog you will find that she and Geoff (or maybe Ray?) have a fabulous relationship that is very sweet - to the point of nausea (just kidding).

Everything You Know About English is Wrong - Bill is another former writer from the Gary Burbank radio show . He writes a much more intelligent blog than this which keeps his wits sharp and his books publicized. I recommend the books.

Where the Hell Are My Penguins - Scarletvirago (whoever she is) I think, found my blog through "Everything You KNow ...." leads an amusing life with a husband and a daughter somewhere in the DC area (for now). She admits to being a blogger stalker so I guess it's good that she's moving farther away.

Hail! Good Fellow, Well Met - Schottzie03, when he used to be Duke Sinatra, was the sidekick(?) foil(?) voice of youth(?) on the Gary Burbank show for the last couple of years. He has great wit and did some hilarious interviews, wrote comedy bits and played some funny characters on the show.

Mypalmike - Sadly, I thing I preferred his old caption contest to the new one, but he appears to still be a funny guy whom you can find commenting on Radosh or other places here and there.

Then there are the "fail" type blogs of quotation marks, language, cakes etc. that I don't know the people behind them.

I still am linked to my sister at "Daze of Wine" and "I'm Just Saying" and Jenny Smith at the "Medieval Best Seller" and Jen Rodis at "Levedy", who is perhaps being held hostage by two small people. And there's Daniel Radosh who has many interesting entries in addition to his anti-caption contest. And Dooce who manages to make a well-written humor blog seem easy.

What did I miss?

Today I'm watching a parade and a bunch of football games, eating leftovers from New Years Eve snacks and compartmentalizing my life so I don't think about work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A belated thanks for the shout out, JohnnyB. I don't really do too well keeping up with all the blogs, to be honest, and now you're trying to add more to my list. Thanks a lot. Off to check them out and the 200 posts in my Google Reader.

scarletvirago said...

I, too, am late to this party but I'm bringing virtual booze, so can I be forgiven? Cheers! And thank you~

Andy said...

Happy New Year, JohnnyB. Thanks for the link. I'm loving your posts and always enjoy your refreshing originality.