Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is the Pope Catholic?

My old pal, Duke, has an insightful and touching review of a commercial about a woman trying to save her child from the horrors of a public toilet.
I have not seen that one, but I will be watching for it. Because I have been watching college football bowl games (there are 34 of them this year), I have seen the same 5 commercials 20 times per game times 30 games (so far). There is one I never tire of: the ad for Charmin with the papa bear and son bear (no longer a baby) playing football. But something is horribly wrong. When the boy bends over to center the ball, dad discovers toilet paper fragments on the kid's butt. I am so glad that P & G has dared to deal with this terrible social issue. Visible Toilet Paper Residue (VTPR) when people bend over to present their ass to someone has ruined many a job interview, sales presentation or pickup in a bar or public restroom.
And think what it means to the small bear. He is already in therapy for the trauma caused when a young woman (perhaps trying to find an alternative to a public toilet in the woods) broke into his house, ate his porridge, broke his chair and wound up in his bed. He is still dealing with the recurrent dreams of finding a young girl in his bed. Now his parents, meaning well, trying to teach him to clean himself so he will not have problems later are giving him a fixation about TP residue; they chase him around the neighborhood, trying to clean his ass with a broom. But the paper continues to stick to him - their parental pressure has made him anal retentive.

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