Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Don't Know Dick...and Dee Dee?

My sister and I are members of a google group that is theoretically about politics. The topics occasionally stray from Bush bashing and Barack beatification as when one of the members posted a "Dead or Alive quiz:

Lyndsey Buckingham
Marianne Faithful
Tom Jones
Dick and Dee Dee (either one)
Everly Brothers
Sam and Dave (either one)
Connie Francis
Martha Reeves (Martha and the Vandellas)

I was not surprised that a younger member of the group did not know who all these pop singers were. I was shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that my sister did not remember Sam and Dave or Dick and Dee Dee.

My sister is older than I am and got into pop music earlier. She introduced me to the classics of the early sixties:
-The folk singers with deed, socially important lyrics such as "Walk right in, sit right down, Daddy let your mind roll on."
-The teen idols such as Bobby Rydell and Fabian, manufactured pop singers whose only real talent was making teenage girls squeal - the David Archuletas of their time.
-Dick and Dee Dee who were, like Paul and Paula, presented as a couple for reasons I don't really understand. Were they romantically involved? Dick 'n' Dee Dee? The answer is no.

How bad were Dick and Dee Dee? I tried to google them for more information but every web site on the results page warned: "this site may harm your computer." Don't even think about listening to any of their songs.

Yes, this is why Don McLean calls the death of Buddy Holly "The Day the Music Died". Pre-Beatles, all we had was Elvis and these doofuses (doofi?). And their songs are still stuck in my head, so I wonder how Susan could forget them.

Of course one among them was not just a marketer's fan-mag product: The Great Shelly Fabares ("fab" is part of her name), a truly beautiful artist who I am sure returned my love and desire, but sadly could not marry a 6-year-old. I wish I could link to a video of her singing "Johnny Angel" (which she dedicated to me) but it has been removed from the internet due to her sorrow over losing me to Karen. Still she and I will never forget each other.


Susan said...

"Computer users doing Google searches during a nearly one-hour period Saturday were greeted with disturbing but erroneous messages that every site turned up in the results might be harmful."

JohnnyB said...

And you think it was just coincidence that that happened right when I was searching for evidence of their lameness?

Cali said...

I used to listen to the Everly Brothers all the time. (The Very Best of). "How did I exist until I kissed ya?" Ba-boom ba-boom. "Oh yeah." Good one. I'm going to go download the album for old times sake. Thanks for bringing them to mind!

Anonymous said...

This is quite a testament to your love---I never knew! So is she dead or alive? Need I be worried? Might she come looking for her Johnny Angel someday?


Susan said...

Since it turns out they wouldn't harm my computer I listened to some Dick and Dee Dee. I still don't remember them. I remember Paul and Paula but not Dick and Dee Dee. But I also found out they are still alive.

JohnnyB said...

Cali - Yeah, the Everly's had some good songs, I'm glad to see their music is still being enjoyed.

Karen _ Shelly is still around, thanks to a liver transplant a few years ago. She settled for marriage to Mike Farrell and she and I have not been in contact for years.

Susan - Dick and Dee Dee were overshadowed by Paul and Paula who had much more significant lyrics like "Hey, hey, Paula...Hey, hey, hey, Paul..."

Dee Dee Phleps said...

For a safe site that gives all the up to date information on Dick and Dee Dee, with no harmful results, please visit: You can see vintage and current videos and information on my memoir, Vinyl Highway, Singing as Dick and Dee Dee.
Just to let you know, Dick St. John passed away in 2003. I've been singing with a new partner, Michael Dunn, in Doo Wop Shows around the country during 2009 as Dick and Dee Dee. Cheers!
Dee Dee Phelps