Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eight is Too Much

"Octuplet's mom on food stamps"
Did you spot the grammatical error? Did you guess that it is a misplaced apostrophe - she is all the octuplets' mom, not just one octuplet's mom? (they will probably correct this by the time you read it and you'll say, "WTF is he talking about?")

No, the grammatical error is that this woman is having more babies when she's already receiving food stamps. Oh I know we can't stop her - she has "reproductive rights". Yeah, like CEO's receiving bailout money and paying themselves bonuses.have Lexus and private jet ownership rights.

"In Nadya's view, the money that she gets from the food stamp program ... and the resources disabilities payments she gets for her three children are not welfare," he said. "They are part of programs designed to help people with need, and she does not see that as welfare."
Who said that? Her PUBLICIST!

During the interview with Curry, Suleman said, "I'm not receiving help from the government. I'm not trying to expect anything from anybody. [I] just wanted to do it on my own. "
What does "doing it on her own mean? "Any resources that someone would really, really want to help us, I will accept, I would embrace."
"Money? Money is necessary to raise children. But it's — it's paper. It is paper. To me, it is superfluous in contrast to the importance of my kids." BECAUSE IT'S SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY!

"NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman has estimated the cost of delivering the infants and caring for them until they are healthy enough to leave the hospital at $1.5 million to $3 million." Who the hell is paying for that? We are, with higher insurance premiums and taxes. I hope her publicist gets her lots of gigs so we can all enjoy our children.

On a serious note, I think this woman is ill and needs mental health care. That's what we should be paying for. Our faceless food stamp and SSI program is enabling her behavior rather than helping her with her real problem. And the doctor should be taken out and shot. He helped her do this when he should have seen her real problem. He displayed a complete lack of ethics, compassion (for all the children) and medical responsibility. "First, do no harm." He has done plenty. And I'm sure he cared about the money.

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Amen on the serious note.