Sunday, February 8, 2009

Genius at Your Fingertips

If you watched the Grammy awards, you had to be thinking, "If Stevie Wonder could see them, he would totally tell those little brats to get the hell out of his face." Who decided that the Jonas Brothers deserved to share a stage with a performer like Stevie Wonder? When you hear them side-by-side with Stevie. it is clear that only one of those Jonas boys can sing and none can approach the talent of Mr. Wonder. Their shouts of "Come on, Stevie" seemed disrespectful in my mind. Stevie Wonder is so much bigger than the Jonas Brothers - I mean, seriously, he's now bigger than all three of them put together, but that's irrelevant.

Here is a real young phenom:

And if you would like to see him perform it click here.

The strangest thing at the Grammys was seeing Cold Play win best song for a tune they ripped off from Joe Satriani. There were videos on line that compared the two songs and the similarity was impossible to miss. Not coincidentally, those videos were taken down for copyright issues. What genius at the Grammys decided they deserved an award for that?


Susan said...

So thanks a lot for bringing up the trama of my youth. Mom never let me go see any of the bikini beach party movies because Parent's Magazine rated them as too mature for 12-14 year olds like me. So EVERY other teenage girl but me got to see them. I was tramatized and have never gotten over it.

JohnnyB said...

I am sorry! I should have put a warning on there: "Do not click here if you were traumatized by being the only tween girl (even though there were no 'tweens' then) who didn't get to see any beach party movies."
But how is it that I remember seeing that movie? Maybe it was on TV later.

Susan said...

Mom always liked you best.