Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be There or Be Square

I have square roots, so I am celebrating today, 3/3/09, which is a square root day. Any square can figure that out and a real square can tell me how many square root days there are each century.

These are my square roots:
My grandfather was a PhD in mathematics; it doesn’t get much squarer than that.
My father is a CPA; need I say more?

My mother wanted me to have a respectable L.A. type career as a comedian or street performer, but I could not break away from my square roots and I am, like my dad, a certified public accountant. I grew up and went to college in hip, cool Los Angeles. But I longed to seek out my people, so I majored in economics, got married, became a CPA and moved to the San Fernando Valley. When that wasn’t square enough, we came here to the Midwest.

Square, dork, geek, "L7" - whatever you call it, that's me.

So I am celebrating my square roots on square root day. I’m am cutting carrots, onions, fennel and potatoes into square shapes and making soup. That will be served with root beer in square mugs. For dessert we will serve pie baked in square pans so we can make jokes about “pie are square”. Ironically, pi*r2 is the formula for the area of a circle, which pie usually are. (SNICKER< SNICKER< SNORT!). Sorry, if you are square, you think that’s funny.


scarletvirago said...

Just steer clear of jocks and lockers today and you should be fine.

Susan said...

You make me laugh!

Verifiation word Antleric = allergic to deer

JohnnyB said...

ScarletV - jocks and lockers: the root cause of my claustrophobia

SusieB - At least there's someone
And I love your definition

My verification word: undramp
The condition of the briefs belonging to an incontinent person?
To not provide enough elctrical charge?
Where you get of the freeway to get to the University of Notre Dame?

JohnnyB said...

"electrical charge"
and "off the freeway"

Mike said...


Says the Engineering Technologist :P

JohnnyB said...

Oops, sorry, I nodded off there at the end.

Anonymous said...

And I love you in spite of it. Or is that because of it? or maybe both. You're one funny square.

The soup was great but I didn't get any pie.


Cali said...

Economics is hard! You're smart. I'm pretty sure I (happily) forgot what pi*r2 was the day after I learned it.

JohnnyB said...

Karen - I thought you were bringing the pie

Cali - economics is easy - nobody really knows what is right, so you just need to express your theory louder than the other people.

Verification word: "cotly"
One of the letter I ue mot often i miing from my keyboard. It will be cotly to replace.

Jenny said...

I not only think that's funny, but the whole post!

JohnnyB said...

Thanks, Jenny. I knew you were a square.

Skye said...

LMFAO!!! I guess I'm square, because I love that joke! I read it to my boyfriend who didn't quite get it. Somehow explaining jokes like that makes them not so funny, but damn, I laughed!

my confirm word is an acronym
RESSM = Reading Equations Seems Square

By the way, even though I'm not an accountant by trade, I did take Bookkeeping and Small Business Management in College, majoring in Simply Accounting :D

JohnnyB said...

Skye - Wow, three comments in praise of geek humor - it's great!