Thursday, March 26, 2009

Misreading Disasters

The link on MSNBC's home page said "Twister injures 20, destroys homes" and for a moment I pictured a massive pileup in the den during a wacky party game. Second Cousin Jack leans over and back for red and grabs on Sister's boob, she knocks him to the ground and everybody falls down, leaving 20 with contusions too.

But it was just a story about a tornado in Mississippi. Up in North Dakota, they are trying to divert another natural disaster. The headline for that was "Fargo uses social networks to fight flood waters". I didn't immediately grasp how that tool would help in a flood. Tag everyone with a note titled "25 random flood fighting techniques" hoping that someone would come up with a good plan?

Actually, they set up a group to get volunteers to sandbag the river. Meanwhile there was a blizzard in Denver. This time I didn't misread or misunderstand, I just didn't get this: "They initially reported at least 33 were injured, but later said about two dozen people taken to a hospital turned out to be uninjured or refused treatment." How is it that 75% of the people taken to the hospital didn't need to or didn't want to go? Were the EMTs working on commission?
Maybe they just misread the situation


Lady Sarcasm said...

I misread your title of this post.. ;)

I do think however your interpretation of the twister would have made a better news story :)

JohnnyB said...

Lady S - Thank, I fixed the typo in the title.

Me-Me King said...

I don't know what they charge in Denver for a ride in the ambulance to the hospital. But, here in Phoenix, it's $400. So, to answer your question - yes, I believethey work on commission.

JohnnyB said...

Me-Me, I wish I could have witnessed one of those confrontations - it had to be Python-esque. "I'm not injured." "Yes you are; you're just in shock so you don't realize it." "No, I'm not injured." "You will be in a minute. (CONKS GUY WITH CARTOONISH MALLET) There now, get in the ambulance."

Anonymous said...

I love that Twister photo!