Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stock of Love

America loves sleazy, skanky people on TV.
Remember when spring break, became MTV Spring Break? The media not only took over a simple college vacation week, they morphed it into a sponsored frenzy that other media could then cover with whatever angle suited their demographic (from outrage at Fox News to jealous disdain by old rockers at VH1).
It was the same thing that ESPN did by bringing play-by-play coverage to the innocent National Spelling Bee except the Bee has more underage teens and fewer t-shirt lifting skanks shaking it in the camera.
Remember when Jerry Springer, the king of sleaze, hosted MTV’s Spring Break? Jerry Springer was once Mayor of Cincinnati. He ran for Governor of Ohio and once considered running for Senator here a few years ago.
The people serving in Congress are no more qualified to be there than Jerry Springer. That is why it is ridiculous that Congress is now in charge of huge portions of the banking/investment industry. Sure the US Treasury is involved, but they are not set up to run real banking operations. Tim Geithner looks like one of the ‘socially awkward contestants from “The Pick-Up Artist”.
And now, like MTV did with Spring Break, the media has made hearings of the Senate Finance Committee actually watchable. Senators and Representatives are making television for the masses with their trash-talking and put downs of the banking geeks who got s**tfaced on bad credit and pissed and puked all over the economy. Which, if our government was savvy enough, could be turned into a deficit reduction production with sponsorship of the high-budget reality show they are creating on the fly.
All they need to really catapult this to the top of the ratings is Jerry Springer to host and maybe some girl-on-girl make out scenes with Feinstein and Pelosi.
Seriously, what if they took the AIG executives and some taxpayers and put them all together in a house with cameras following them 24/7? The drama would unfold as the execs debated giving back their bonuses and romance developed among the opposing factions. Taxpayers would reveal their diminished assets and AIG execs would walk around in thongs stuffed with artificially enhanced wallets.
This would make money for the government and perhaps save the lives of the Wall Street skanks as America falls in love with those bad boys.
I’m going to pitch this to MTV, so give me some ideas of names for the show.


Susan said...

The Bold and The Bolder
One Life Sentence To Live
America's Next Top Ponzi Scheme
Project Runaway

Susan said...

Brian is suggesting the theme song be the Benny Hill Show music. I suggest calling it The Penny Hill Show.

Also I incorrectly called it AGI and that made Brian think to call the show Adjusted Income Gross.

Brian would speak for himself but he is stuck in a 2 hour meeting.

Anonymous said...

Some of those execs: I don't know if we'd want to see them in thongs. And for the male heterosexuals that read your blog, will there be female execs that wear thongs?

Anonymous said...

Dancing With the Stark Raving Lunatics
Axed Men
American Idiots
Big Brother – the Original
Hell’s Congress... Read More
Divorced from Reality Court


JohnnyB said...

Jim, Susan, Brian
All good suggestions which I will give the MTV execs.
Rambler: If the real AIG execs do not include any women - well, this is MTV, there will be women, for the male heterosexuals who read this blog and for those who write it.
The women will be displaying their moneymakers and all their bonus add ons.

Anonymous said...