Thursday, April 2, 2009

And a Warmfulla Tractum to You, Sir

I'm trying to watch Peter Orszag on the daily Show. Peter is the current Director of the Office of Management and Budget and is apparently being portrayed by Wally Cox, which is odd because I thought Wally Cox was dead (even before Andy was born). If Henry Mitchell and Max Smart had a son, he would look like Peter Orszag.

I'm trying to watch Mr. Orszag but our cable company is delivering distorted video and sound. We've been having this problem for a while where the video gets pixelated and the sound distorted on just a few channels. Karen called Warner Cable and they told her it was caused by sunspots. Sunspots that hate the local Fox affiliate and Comedy Central. The technician said to unplug the cable/DVR box and plug it back in. The old IT "reboot" solution. It doesn't work.

I called today and I spoke to a gentleman who had an accent I could not place - in fact it seemed less like accented English and more like just foreign words. Every other sentence I had to ask him to repeat; when he did so it was perfectly clear but the sound were nothing like what I heard the first time. I finally decided that, working for Warner Cable, he had become afflicted with the cable box-sun spot-pixilated-distortion syndrome that was ruining the Daily Show for me.

We managed to get through setting up an appointment for a technician to come out and really try to fix our problem. I thanked him for his help and he said, "You're welcome and have a warmfulla tractum."

I'll try.


scarletvirago said...

You didn't miss much. I think Stewart was trying so hard to make the budget proposal funny that Orzag never really got a real word in edgewise. I usually love Stewart's interviews, but this one was just off.

Cali said...

That is funny! I'm the worst at deciphering thick accents. I can't even think what that could've meant. A wonderful something...

JohnnyB said...

Scarlet = thanks - the geeky Orszag needs to stop trying to do his job and start trying to amuse us.

Cali - The weird thing was that various words just were totally mystifying - I cannot tell where the guy was from. Doesn't matter I guess = he understood me and DID WHAT HE COULD TO HELP.