Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rites of Spring

This being the Lenten season, and Cincinnati having a large Catholic population, it is easier to go out for Skyline on Friday and harder to get into Frisch's for a good fish sandwich.

Back when Lent was invented, did it go like this?

JESUS: Guys, I fed the multitude but I still have a bunch of loaves and fishes. These will become stale and stinky unless we think of something.
PETER: Let's fry up the fish and use the bread to make sandwiches.
JOHN: Perfect! It's Friday, let's bring them to happy hour and wash them down with some beer.
JUDAS: We can sell them and get some gold for the church.
JESUS: Great. Let's do this Friday Fish Fry every week.
PETER: We'll have to leave out the bread at Passover.
JESUS: Right. By the way, I've got some ideas about the Passover Seder supper.

and, of course that was the last supper idea he had.

Passover is coming up in a few days and, since I have nothing new to say about that, like Jesus' leftover fish, I will just recycle the miracles I created before. Here's a few links to the originals:

"A Plague of Roaches" - About marijuana, the Smak Rabbi and Passover

"Fun With Plagues" - about magicians, plagues and Passover - the origins explained.

"Filling our Drawers" - about Tupperware, New York City and Passover

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Anonymous said...

You constantly remind me why I married you. I do like to laugh.