Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey Baby, How Much Would it Cost Just to Get My Lines Crossed?


The other day Mark Sanford revealed that he had been involved with other women besides his mistress, but it was no big deal because
"There were a handful of instances wherein I crossed the lines I shouldn't have crossed as a married man, but never crossed the ultimate line," he said.
This prompted me to try and call him once again to see if he really is a big hypocrite of if he's just a misunderstood profligate miscreant. Once again I got put on hold.
You have reached the office of the Governor of South Carolina. The governor is tied up right now but the dominatrix involved is just teasing him and it's all quite innocent. Please hold and listen to our musak.

I keep a loose hold on these vows of mine
I keep my options open all the time
I keep a mistress and an open mind
A couple times
I crossed the line

I find it very, very easy to construe
My infidelity as sort of being true
I’ve been with other women, but we didn’t screw
A couple times
I crossed the line

You have reached the office of the Governor of South Carolina. The governor is is busy celebrating the fact that Sarah Palin may have done something that will take the spotlight off of him. Please hold and listen to our musak.

One poke over the line, sweet Jesus
One poke over the line
Slippin' out of town for a sex liaison
One poke over the line

I hung up at that point.


Marvel Goose said...

Why is it that running out on your wife is pure death for Republicans but a resume enhancement for Democrat?

If he switched parties he could get a seat on the Foreign Affairs committee.

JohnnyB said...

Because every single time a Republican does it, you can go into the recent archives and pull out a video of that guy pontificating about the sanctity of marriage or about how letting gay people marry will ruin the institution.
I don't think Sanford needs to resign. He needs to say he's sorry to the people he claimed to be holier than and he needs to say "I know nothing about the sanctity of marriage or how to protect it" and then leave other people's relationships alone.

That aside, I personally give Democrats equal grief for their peccadillos. It's just good comedy.

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JohnnyB said...

Of course I assume when you refer to the Democrats getting a pass on their affairs you are referring to FORMER Governor Spitzer of NY (now Secetary of "I F'd Up") and FORMER Governor McGreevey of NJ (now Under Secretary of Nada). And President Clinton may have survived, but he got loads of abuse from comedians, press and gov. offifials, including those of his own party. Larry Craig (Republican) still has his job.

Susan said...

Very funny!

And I agree with your commentary too. John Edwards hasn't fared too well either but then I don't thing he was doing that great before the affair came to light. :-)

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JohnnyB said...

I have to say that Spitzer did get off easy (no pun intended ... really, just resigning. As I understand the story, he got elected Governor on his record as a prosecutor. As prosecutor he sent people to jail for what he did as Governor. He should have been indicted.