Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Secular Saboteurs Shed a Tyr

In a guest column in the Washington Post, Catholic League President, Bill Donohue decries the destruction of our culture by “secular saboteurs”. Donohue documents the continuum from the 70s when (Reverend) Jesse Jackson led students in undermining this nation's Judeo-Christian heritage.” I’m guessing those bastards succeeded in undermining the Judeo part because everything Donohue refers to after that opening is strictly Christian. I get the sense that Donohue never cared much about the Judeo anyway, but now he’s pretty pissed that the secular saboteurs are working their “agenda to smash the last vestiges of Christianity in America.”

Bill O’Reilly identified the War on Christmas a few years ago, calling out the cultural infidels who corrupted the nation with the blasphemous phrase “Happy Holidays”. All the while, the soul of the Righteous People shriveled in absence of hearing "Merry Christmas" ring out from the merchants and moneylenders in the markets.

O’Reilly was unfortunately late to recognize the destruction being wrought by anti God terrorists. “Happy Holidays” was not the first verbal smart bomb rained upon theistic linguistic tradition. Think how long people have been saying “Have a nice day.” You never noticed, did you? You never noticed that they don’t say the proper name of any day. They have taken our Gods out of our days.

Our Romantic-Nordic-Judeo-Christian ancestors gave each day the name of a God: Sun God, Moon God, Tyr, Wodin, Thor, Frigg, Saturn. The Secular Sodomite Saboteurs have changed the familiar greetings so that, “Have a nice Thor’s Day” or “Wodin’s Day”, becomes the empty, atheistic “Have a nice day.” Frigg’s Day is even more abused. On that day, the greeting has become “Have a nice weekend”, referring limply to the following days, but not the sacred Day of Frigg. Why? Because Jesus rose on a Frigg’s Day, of course.

It is a terrifying and pathetic sight to see Christian refugees forced to huddle in the few remaining churches the government allows. They are restricted to observing their holy day “Christmas” only between the months of September and February. And they cannot honor their ancestral connection to frozen, white Norse men who worshiped the mighty Teutonic Gods.

Have a Frigging great day, you secular saboteur succubi!


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