Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid Apologizes to Whites and Racists

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updated 5:12 p.m. ET, Sat., Jan. 9, 2010

"WASHINGTON - Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid apologized on Saturday for saying in 2008 that Barack Obama should seek — and could win — the White House because Obama was a 'light skinned' African-American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.' "

Senator Reid said he regretted "the assumptions I made about the prejudices and bigotry in this country." Many white Americans were not satisfied with his comments.

Glenn Beck, of Fox News, said, “Speaking on behalf of my cadre of teabaggers and Obama haters, we resent Senator Reid’s insinuations. His remarks suggest that we would not vote for Barack Hussein Obama because he is black or because of the way he speaks. In fact, we opposed Obama without any real thought process at all, simply because he is a socialist fascist who hates white people and who we knew would destroy this country, as he has.”

Sarah Palin was alone among Republican leaders in accepting Reid’s apology. “One of my PR guys read the story to me and it says Harry ‘apologized for saying Obama should seek the White House.’ Right on, Harry, you should never have encouraged him. Course, some of the other stuff he said makes no sense. Geezooey, how can he say Obama is “light-skinned”? John McCain is light-skinned – like a corpse. I’m light skinned – because I live up in Alaska, doncha know. Barack Hussein is darker, no doubt about it; don’t apologize for calling a spade a spade, Harry. And Obama doesn’t speak real common people American like me and Todd; he speaks like a big-city, intellectual, Ivy League Negro. You betcha.”

Several white separatist and supremacist organizations issued statements of outrage, angry that Reid’s remarks were referred to as racist. “That black-loving Senator was supporting Obama. His comments were about his assumption that racists would not be as put off because Obama is not 100% black and doesn’t talk ignorant like most of them. That was a outright lie. We are the racists, not him; and we wouldn’t vote for anyone with one drop of Negro blood. We will not accept his apology without acknowledgment of who the real racists are.”

Reid defended his remarks, explaining that, “What I meant by saying he he doesn’t talk like a Negro is that he does not kowtow to Wall Street or big pharma because he is predisposed to be deferential to ‘Massa’. He does it because it is politically expedient, just like I do. And that’s why I encouraged him to run.”

President Obama downplayed the controversy, remarking, “I don’t hold no grudge against the man. No suh! Mr. Harry, he always been good to me. He all right.”


Anonymous said...

I must have missed this apology by Reed. I'm uncomfortable with your post, and that's a good thing.

JohnnyB said...

I'm uncomfortable with it too.

mark hoback said...

McCain is more than light skinned, he's almost transparent.

Mary Thomas said...

Someone in the White House has allegedly said, "Harry Reid is a Mormon. . . who's got an ear of tin and a heart of gold." And a head full of rocks. I mean, when's the last time you heard anybody refer to blacks as Negroes? Uhh, other than the U.S. Census Bureau.