Monday, August 11, 2008

Eat It!

I expect we will see this commercial a lot during the Olympics.

Cute, right?

Winning isn't everything. Sharing Happy Meals (R) together is much more rewarding than a trophy, right?

The message that came through to me is: maybe if the losers didn't eat so much junk food, they might be step quicker, a little stronger, and could have won that game. When you lose and someone says "Suck it up!", it does not mean "Cover your disappointment by scarfing down a load of grease and carbs," not that there's anything wrong with that.
(I had a big hamburger, some fries and a piece of bluebarry pie last night while sitting on my ass, watching the Olympics. Who am I to criticize?)

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Bill Brohaugh said...

A pleasant memory from the 5th or 6th grade involves trekking to a local McDonald's and treating my younger brother to a cheeseburger, paid for with one of a couple of certificates I'd earned by getting A's in school. Such odd concepts were at play at the time: rewards for success rather than for failure. Wow--weren't we wacky back in the mid '60s? Where were our priorities?

I saved one of those cheeseburgers, which is now about as fossilized as my wee little brain. Now, every time I'm passed over for a big promotion at work because I suck, I raise that fossilized cheeseburger high above my head, shouting, "Yeah, you got the BMW and the trophy bride, but I got a Happy Meal with cute plastic action figures of executives with BMWs and trophy brides! And fries, dammit!"

Jenny said...

I have not seen that commercial once. Is it an American commercial?