Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fake Sky Walker

The Beijing opening ceremony was "enhanced" by insertion of animated, pre-recorded fireworks footprints. What is even worse is that the young girl with the beautiful voice was not the girl we saw. They put some "cute" little girl out there instead because "The child on camera should be flawless in image, internal feeling and expression."
Now all the broadcasts emanating from the Olympics are being tested for image enhancing animation. Coverage of men's synchronized diving may be banned because "the announcers comments were enhanced with far more animated response than could possibly be generated by such an event."
NBC has been accused of misrepresenting Cris Collinsworth as an Olympic sport analyst as opposed to a football color commentator. However the network was cleared when it was determined that putting Collinsworth on the team does not enhance the presentation; it is more of a "doping" violation.

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Rusty Freedom said...

This is truely HORRIBLE!!!

Beautiful Computer Animation so real it has to be analyzed by US experts. "That effect must be some kinda PROPAGANDA!".

And Lip Syncing - The US would NEVER allow such a fabrication simply for the cause of making an excellent presentation.

And I personally think that some of the 3D effects on that 'Largest LCD Display ever made' were actually TWO DIMENSIONAL images!!!

I want that other dimension, I've been robbed!!!

Of course, since I viewed the event on a Two Dimensional appliance (TV) it would make no real difference.

Never mind.

JohnnyB said...

rusty, don't feel bad about the false promise of another dimension in the LCD images. i am from another dimension and it's not al it's cracked up to be.

Note: Images of George Bush were shown during the ceremony were enhanced to make him appear to be more than one dimensional.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd even have trouble convincing me that Collinsworth is a football color guy.

I think it speaks volumes about how boring these Olympics are that the zipped up fireworks make headline news everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Just like all the fake crap they sell on ebay..

Bill Brohaugh said...

Hmm. Fake footprints in the sky across Beijing. Now this: http://www.searchingforbigfoot.com

Methinks the footprint perpetrator was about to spill the beans, and had to be eliminated. Where's agent Scully when you need her?