Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wanted Dead or LIVE!

This is a sad story. I, in no way, want to make light of someone being killed, even if he was a politician.
What drew my attention to the story was a link that said "Arkansas Democratic Leader Shot Dead." "Shot dead" always sounds odd to me, possibly because I am the sort of geek who can slide right past the human tragedy and become obsessed the vagaries of English. If he had not died, there is no parallel construction to describe his condition: one can be shot dead or shot to death but never shot wounded or shot to woundedness. One can be shot and live to tell about it but one can not be shot live. Unless one is a reporter.
Reporters are constantly being shot LIVE! It bothers me when a reporter says, "So, Jim, thousands of people are dead as a result of this disaster and many more are missing and presumed dead. I'm E. Norma Stouchbag, LIVE, on the scene with Channel 1 News." To me, that has the same mocking tone as "I ha-ave ice cream and you-oo do-on't." It's "I-i'm ali-ive and you-oo are-en't."
What's the big deal about being LIVE, anyway? Maybe back in the day, when sending moving pictures through the air to a TV studio and broadcasting them through a TV box was akin to getting a competent leader to run for President (i.e. nearly impossible) it was worth promoting. But now when everything is broadcast LIVE, even when the reporter is standing in front of an empty building in the dark after whatever stuff that went down, already went down hours ago, it seems superfluous at best to announce it every stinking time.
Maybe every time a reporter says that from now on, they ought to shot to injury.

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David said...

This all seems much akin to 'performing live on stage'.

I've yet to find an audience buying tickets for a show 'dead on stage' or even 'not-live on stage'.

Bill Brohaugh said...

Wow! My link to matches two posts. I'm going to take a comment vacation now.

Bill Brohaugh said...

Oh, and to feign relevance related to your original post: Surely you remember (given a certain regionality I'm aware of) the idiot promos from a certain TV station, back in the '80s (I think; I can't remember exactly). A competitive a station was touting its brand-new news-response helicopter. Said idiot TV station went out and got two helicopters, and then billed itself as "Twice as live."