Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Top Story Tonight on Food Network News

70-year-old Elyria woman fights off 4 robbers with Emeril Lagasse pan: Bam!

I didn't know that newspapers were doing product placement drop-ins to raise money, but I hope it helps keep them in business.
Notice that they also specified the intruder's adult beverage of choice ("The robber's friend threw a bottle of Jack Daniels at the woman")

The story goes on to say that one man tried to grab the woman's Coach purse when she struck him on the head. The men then fled, but their Nike running shoes did not carry them far. The police nabbed them and took them to jail in Ford sedans. (I will accept any and all advertising fees from the indicated companies for those product mentions).

One thing the story didn't say was "Grandmother fights off 4 robbers with Emeril Lagasse pan." They state that she has 5 sons; perhaps they are all childless.

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Anonymous said...

Your past research would indicate that the boys definitely have not yet reproduced.