Thursday, April 16, 2009

Then 'BOOM' ya know I Mean?

This morning John Madden made the following statement:

(Referring to the telestrator) “Sometimes it’s one of deals where you have a formation like this an-an-an-and your wife’s over here and your kids are split out over here and the uh-uh-uh-uh grand kids go ‘BOOM’ like this. When ya think about it, I mean, it’s like you’re you’re you’re down field and runnin’ around sayin’ ‘I’m OPEN’ (CHUCKLING) but you’re not in the clear and you think you are but you’re NOT and you can’t really see the other players is what happens there.
Sometimes you do something for 35 years and you love it. Then, I mean, you got other things you’re doin’ and ‘BAM’ it hits you. So you reverse field and you GO LIKE THIS. (CHUCKLING)Y -y-y ou still love it but I mean you can’t do it. That’s what it’s all about.. I mean, it's FOOTBALL, greatest game in the world, if ya think about it.
And what that means when a guy does like this then then he’s, you know what I mean, GONNA do that and he doesn’t do the other thing and there he is.
Then, ‘BOOM’ you stop and go back over here, (CHUCKLING)a-a-a-and that’s what HAPPENS, ya know what I mean?”

Analysts think he means he’s retiring.


Cali said...

That's pretty much what all sports commentators sound like to me. (umm... just kidding)

JohnnyB said...

I always liked John Madden as an announcer, despite his occassional rambling and his mastery of stating the obvious. I wish the current Monday Night Football team would retire.

Anonymous said...

I never had a problem with his rambling for some odd reason. ;)

Okay, I did actually, but at least he knew the game -- uh, most of the time.