Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Senate Compromised

VICTORIA KENNEDY - Harry, I said, "if you get health care reform passed this year, I'd be so happy I could kiss you". That's just an expression.
REID - It was a wager! You bet me I couldn't get it passed and if I did, you'd kiss me.
KENNEDY - It wasn't a bet.
REID - Do you know what I had to do with Joe Lieberman to try and get his vote? And then after he literally did it to me, he figuratively repeated the act by refusing to support the bill as written.
KENNEDY - Geez. Okay. One little kiss.
REID - Full on the lips.
KENNEDY - Yuck! Why don't you go molest Olympia Snow?
REID - She voted the bill out of finance on the promise I would leave her alone. She's colder than her Maine winters. Come on, open mouth...
KENNEDY - Oh, God, Harry, have some respect for Ted.
REID - He's dead. Look, I had to bring in some working girls from Nevada to get Ben Nelson's vote. Have a little love for an old man. You promised. A kiss. Full on the lips. With tongue.
KENNEDY - Gross! No tongue! And don't put your hands any lower than that!
REID - I'm just trying to avoid falling over. Hold on to me. Now, gimme some lovin'.
KENNEDY - Christ! Do you have a breath mint?
DODD - I call seconds!
KENNEDY - In your dreams, Dodd.
DODD - I meant with Harry. Lieberman says he's fantastic.

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