Friday, October 3, 2008

Everybody's Talkin' At Me

So Sarah Palin, God bless her, won the debate last night by speaking coherently and regurgitating the talking points she had been fed without getting any on her shoes. She made clear, persuasive points such as this:

I respect Senator Biden - hey, can I call you Joe - for standin' up there and not attacking a mom of a special needs baby, also, and cryin' 'cause your kids died or almost died and all that also. I know you openly despise Barack Obama, doncha, and ya said so on the campaign trail, that he's not fit to shine your shoes (wink), and so I respect that also. You are sorta a maverick, but not a real Republican maverick like me and my hero, John McCain. Ya never took on your own, corrupt, despicable party like we have and ya sorta support Obama now, also, doncha? You are a great man who's been a little too long in the Senate, not like my hero John McCain also.
I am pretty passionate about the chance, if I am so blessed, to take over where Dick Cheney left off and add to the power of the Vice President also. That way, I can run a new Federal Department of Sayin' "Hey, Government, Get Outta Our Way, Wouldja?" also.
And, doggonit, I appreciate this opportunity ta speak directly to the moms and dads sittin' around the kitchen tables in America, also. I can give them the straight talk in a maverick way, ya know, not answering the questions asked, and without my questions bein' followed up on or bein' filtered through the liberal East coast media with their "gotcha" moments and all that also.
So, there ya go.

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Susan said...

It is so annoying the bar was set so low for her that it's considered 'good' she didn't do anything YouTube worthy.